About the Artist, Sue Schneps

I design and create my work in my studio in Lexington, MA. I am inspired by geometry, colors, and textures from nature, and am influenced by the flexibility and endless possibilities offered by working with silver, gold, copper, and colorful metals. My goal is to create elegant, comfortable, fun-to-wear jewelry and metal work.

Many of the nature references in my work are subtle and tend to be abstract. For example, a pendant may be shaped like a waterfall or leaf, a bracelet may be have the texture of stylized waves, or earrings may be textured with ripples.

I incorporate wirework and weaving into many of my pieces. It is thrilling to start with fine-gauge silver wire or simple copper wire, and create a beautiful three-dimensional object.

It is important to me that my customers enjoy using the pieces they have purchased. With this in mind, I am happy to customize pieces to fit the wearer.

Materials and techniques

My jewelry is composed of hand-forged metals (sterling silver, fine silver, 14K gold-filled wire, hypo-allergenic anodized niobium) with occasional freshwater pearl, semi-precious stone or glass accents. Ear wires are sterling silver, 14K gold-filled, or hypo-allergenic niobium.

I use many techniques when creating my jewelry, including standard silversmithing methods (e.g. forging, soldering, sanding). All my wire work is done using hand tools. I incorporate textures into some pieces by hammering or imprinting patterns. Some designs are enhanced with careful oxidation and polishing.

I decorate some of my pieces using the ancient Korean technique of keum-boo. For these items, I fuse a hand-cut pattern in 24K gold foil to the surface of the silver, and oxidize the piece to highlight the contrast between the silver and gold.

I use many of the same techniques in my functional but fun gift items, e.g. bookmarks, clocks, desk pieces. All of these, plus my whimsical mobiles, are constructed from copper, brass, colored copper wire and colorful anodized aluminum.

Please feel free to contact me by email or phone:

(781) 863-1640